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Welcome to the world

Burroughs: "It is necessary to travel. It is not necessary to live."

A brief manifesto of sorts:

The Internet challenges our limited awareness by providing a nearly infinite amount of knowledge on the world around us. A generation ago, it was very much feasible to never travel more than, say, fifty miles from where you were born. And it still is, but with a wealth of in-depth information about the fascinating possibilities the world has to offer, it seems somewhat inexcusable to confine yourself to one place.

So, just for you, imagined reader new to life's experiences, here's a Travel Guide To Everything (TM). While this blog is going to focus on places that I've been, and as such be disproportionately weighted in favor of the American East Coast (at the moment), my goal is nonetheless to provide a long list of places that are worth going -- with documentary evidence and narrative. Please enjoy. And travel on the cheap, with good people.

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